Millennials and Midterms: Why America's Youth Needs To Get Out And Vote (Video)

by John Haltiwanger

Disclaimer: Elite Daily is a non-partisan organization. We reached out to an equal number of politicians from both the Democratic and Republican parties for this video, the individuals featured are those who responded. Likewise, this video does not constitute an endorsement of the politicians featured. 

Midterm elections are on November 4, 2014. There's a lot at stake, particularly for America's youth. Millennials are facing extremely high levels of unemployment and crippling levels of student loan debt. At present, around 40 million Americans collectively owe $1.2 trillion in student loans. Accordingly, whom we vote for in the midterms will impact all of these issues.

Yet, fewer than one in four Millennials have said that they will definitely be voting in this year's midterm elections. This generation has historically low levels of trust in government, so this isn't surprising. Not to mention, with so many challenges before them, it's not surprising that America's young people are apathetic about the political process.

It seems that some people might feel that their vote doesn't count, but that simply isn't true. What is certain, however, is that you can't change anything unless you are engaged. Voting is our most fundamental right as citizens in a democratic society.

Elite Daily recently went down to Washington DC to speak with Members of Congress about everything from student loans to Snapchat. We asked these politicians why young people should get out and vote.

One message that stuck with us was, "If you're not at the table, you're on the menu." Simply put, if you don't vote, you're letting other people vote for you, and your interests and values won't be represented. As the largest and most diverse generation in American history, Millennials have an immeasurable capacity to change this country for the better. Accordingly, we hope that you are planning on voting on November 4.