Vice President Mike Pence Calls His Wife 'Mother'


Vice President Mike Pence calls his wife "mother," according to a new story from Rolling Stone.

That's right — on top of consistently attacking the rights of LGBTQ+ people and women, being a climate change denier and generally not caring about marginalized groups whatsoever, Pence is also creepy AF.

The Rolling Stone piece, which delves into Pence's political career, states,

This might be a situation where you'd say, "Live and let live."

But Pence clearly doesn't prescribe to this philosophy, given he habitually embraces anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-abortion policies. So, it feels justifiable to comment on how strange it is that his nickname for his wife is "mother."

A number of people expressed their concern and confusion over this revelation about America's new vice president.


But some weren't surprised about this whatsoever.


This clearly isn't the worst thing about Vice President Mike Pence, or a real cause for concern, but it certainly doesn't help make him more likable.

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