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What Working For Michelle Obama Is Like, According To Staffer Melissa Winters


If you've ever had questions about what it's like working for Michelle Obama, one woman has all answers.

That woman is Melissa Winters, Obama's long-time aide and current chief of staff.

In an account to Cosmopolitan, Winters described her journey alongside the former first lady, which began during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Winters said,

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Winters started working for Obama the year before former President Barack Obama was elected into office.

When the Obamas entered the White House, Winters was appointed deputy chief of staff for the first lady. Here was what she said the job entails:

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Winters' details about working for Obama revealed as much about the first lady's personality as it did about the job.

When Obama was in a bad mood, there was a simple solution: "Just put her in a room with children. She loves kids."

Of course, there was one bad mood that didn't seem to have an easy fix, and that was the night that Donald Trump got elected. Winters was texting Obama when the first lady had decided that the best reaction to the news was to go to bed.

Now that the former first lady is out of the White House, the job of working as chief of staff for Obama has changed, Winters says.


These days, working for Obama means figuring out how to continue all of her work on education and for young girls, outside the walls of a presidency. Winters said,

Whether the job is outside or inside of the White House, one thing seems clear. Working for Michelle Obama is not a bad gig, at all.