Michelle Obama Got A Snapchat And James Corden Already Made An Epic Cameo

Michelle Obama officially joined Snapchat on Tuesday.

She joined the app just before she goes on a trip to Liberia, Morocco and Spain, where she will be promoting education for girls. The trip is appropriately called Let Girls Learn.

We'll now all be able to follow the first lady (along with cool teens Sasha and Malia) on this trip through Snapchat.

You can add her with the username MichelleObama.


Please note her perfect choice of an account emoji, and also that Obama opted to use the selfie ghost photo booth feature.

The first ever Snapchat the FLOTUS posted to her story is a selfie. She figured out how to add a filter and an emoji, so she's already better than my mother at Snapchat.

The second Snap in Obama's story is of her inviting you to join her on a "big day." It appears as if she got her own filter because she's just that glam.


Then, we all get treated to a shot of the two guys who started the Running Man Challenge doing... the Running Man Challenge. We also get a behind-the-scenes look at Obama filming for "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" because everybody knows where you've got a dancing meme, you've got Ellen.


And then, James Corden shows up! He whisks Obama away to film a "Carpool Karaoke" segment, which I cannot wait to check out.


So far on Obama's Snapchat, we've got a lot of memes, a lot of viral possibilities and a lot of the FLOTUS being her charming self.

It seems like she's going to have the kinds of stories that we all won't be annoyed to Snapchat waterfall into while going through our feeds.

It'll be exciting to see how she uses the account while on her Let Girls Learn trip, which she will be embarking on next week.

Hopefully, the Snapchat account will show more insider, behind-the-scenes views than the one for the White House, which pretty much just shows the president's limo arriving and leaving places.

That's right, we're calling you out, White House Snapchat account.

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