This Is What Melania Trump's White House Living Space Might Look Like

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Melania Trump has officially moved into the White House.

After a five-month stay without her husband in New York with 11-year-old son Barron, who was completing his school year, the First Lady of the United States is officially calling the White House home.

If there's one thing you can be certain about when it comes to Trump's arrival in Washington D.C. it's the fact that changes are coming.

Design changes, that is.

We know this because as far back as February, it was reported that the first lady had already tapped an interior designer to help shape the White House's private quarters to the Trumps' liking.

That designer is Tham Kannalikham, a Laotian-American veteran who owns her own firm, Kannalikham Designs.

Earlier this year, the designer said in a statement,

I am honored by the opportunity to be working with the First Lady to make the White House feel like home.

Kannalikham is known to keep a low profile, but while much is not know about the woman's personal life, there's a lot that can be learned about her style.

So, if you're wondering how Melania Trump's living space at the White House will look like, consider these few points:

The White House's residential space always changes thanks, in no small part, to the preferences of each First Lady, as the video below illustrates.

First families are usually gifted an allowance of $100,000 to make designed modifications, according to Marketwatch, but can also use private funds.

Given President Donald Trump's constant boasting about his wealth, the first family is sure to be able to come up with a few dollars for more design work if needed.

As for the style of the Trump's new home, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, the first lady's senior adviser, told Women's Wear Daily,

Mrs. Trump has a deep appreciation for the historical aspects of the White House and with Tham's traditional design and expertise, they are focusing on a seamless integration of elegance and comfort into where the President, the First Lady, and [their son] Barron will be spending their family time and calling their home.

Furthermore, Kannalikham is said to appreciate classical architecture.

Kannalikham keeps a low profile, with no public social media presence and a website that you need a password to get into.

But in an article for Architectural Digest, Mitchell Owens wrote,

Eighteenth-century buildings, interiors, and culture — French, English, American, Irish — are definitely among Kannalikham's passions, and she's been a regular presence at events hosted by the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, including an eight-day ICAA tour in 2015 of great country houses in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Kannalikham started working at Ralph Lauren Home in New York before running her own firm, according to WWD. Ralph Lauren is known to be a lot less flashy than the golden apartment we know of the Trump pair.

All things considered, it looks like Kannalikham will help Trump achieve a traditional, yet unique look. That is, if the little we've learned about the mysterious fashion designer is actually true.