Megyn Kelly's Beef With Trump Got So Bad, She Wondered If He Spiked Her Coffee


Megyn Kelly was one of the few newscasters who stood up against Donald Trump, especially back in the early stages of the presidential race in 2015.

She famously asked Trump about his history of sexist comments during a debate for the Fox News network in August 2015.

While this was going on, Kelly faced a lot of criticism (to put it mildly) for standing up to Trump. In a new story about ex-Fox head Roger Ailes, New York Magazine says Kelly received death threats from Trump supporters.

Being a woman in a public space who speaks out about sexism is a truly wonderful experience.

The threats she received from Trump supporters made Kelly, understandably, quite paranoid about what else Trump and his supporters could do to her -- or could have already done to her.

Kelly was apparently violently ill before the debate happened last August. She started to wonder if that had something to do with Trump.

New York Magazine reported,

Kelly had even begun to speculate, according to one Fox source, that Trump might have been responsible for her getting violently ill before the debate last summer. Could he have paid someone to slip something into her coffee that morning in Cleveland? she wondered to colleagues.

After the debate, Trump said her asking him about his noted sexist past was due to "blood coming out of her whatever." Cool! That really clarified that whole "Is Trump sexist or not?" thing.

Trump continued to publicly rally his supporters against Kelly, tweeting rude things about her and fighting back against Kelly and Fox News. He refused to go to a debate they hosted in January, instead having a "fundraiser" in Des Moines, Iowa.

Trump also shouted his complaints at Ailes, saying he felt "personally wounded," New York Magazine reported.

Ailes was since cut from Fox News following a series of accusations of sexual harassment.

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