We Asked Drake University Students Why They Wanted To See Donald Trump


Donald Trump managed to hold the attention during Thursday night's debate even though he wasn't at the debate. In fact, he controlled the attention by not going to the debate.

Citing his ongoing feud with (or, some might say, fear of) Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly, who moderated Thursday's debate, Trump chose to boycott the debate and instead host his own event.

Trump hosted his Special Event to Benefit Veterans Organizations at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, which has seen its fair share of candidates this election season, especially with the Iowa caucus coming up on Monday.

Elite Daily asked Drake students waiting on line to get into the event and hanging out when the show was over why they decided to try to see Trump.

Many students made it clear they weren't Trump fans, but they wanted to be responsible voters.

Alexandra Svokos

Some students were just excited at the opportunity to see Trump in person.

Others wanted to see what Trump is really like, outside of media talk.

Alexandra Svokos

A few students were vocally against Trump. Chants of "We love veterans, Trump loves war" got some attendees kicked out during the event.

Drake Student Body President Kevin Maisto was very diplomatic.

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