Larry David's 'Bern Your Enthusiasm' Is Pure 'SNL' Gold (Video)

There isn't anything Larry David does better than, well, Larry David. So for this week's episode of "Saturday Night Live," the writers decided to have him play a Larry David-ified version of Bernie Sanders in a sketch entitled “Bern Your Enthusiasm.”

The sketch begins with David's Sanders greeting voters at a rally. Everything is going well until an enthusiastic fan coughs into her hand and offers it to the presidential candidate to shake. He immediately devolves into his Larry David self, refusing to shake her “germ-infested hand.”

The sketch, which is five minutes long, continues on like this until the end, when the results of Iowa's primaries come in. Sanders, surrounded by his campaign team, is sure he won — until he realizes he was five votes shy of surpassing Clinton.

Guess he should have shaken that hand, after all. Oops.

Watch the hilarious sketch a la “Curb Your Enthusiasm” up top.

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