I Partied With Ken Bone Before The Debate In Las Vegas And It Was Chill AF

Taylor said we had to hurry up if we wanted to meet him.

It was 10:30 pm at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, the night before the third and final debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and we had a party to get to.

FamousDC was throwing an event at the TAO Beach club at the Venetian hotel on the Vegas Strip. Soon enough, word started spreading that none other than America's hero, Kenneth Bone, was there.


We had to go. It was a journey of epic proportions. And Ken Bone was the destination.

Our little group fumbled figuring out how to get to the Venetian in the first place (Vegas is confusing) but eventually found a trusty steed: a cab to drive us down the street.

We got to the Venetian and walked through the fake Italian outdoor villa to reach the orange tents of TAO Beach.


Typically the club hosts daytime pool parties, but this night it was hosting political media folks, who definitely didn't seem out of place or anything with the DJ, smoke machines and strobe lights.

Rumors spread that Ken Bone was drinking whiskey mixed drinks and said he was leaning towards one candidate, but wouldn't reveal whom for the sake of his undecided voter brand.

And then, there he was.

Ken Bone was standing on a red carpet with a photo backdrop. He was wearing his signature red sweater and glasses, smiling.

We made our approach.

Ken Bone was exceedingly friendly, choosing to chat with me about his work and newfound fame.

During the second presidential debate, Ken Bone had asked the candidates about energy policy. Ken Bone is a plant operator at a coal plant in Illinois, so his question was personal for him.

I thanked him for asking possibly the only question the candidates will face about climate change while on the debate stages. He insisted it was just what was important to him.

Ken Bone said his time in Vegas has been wonderful. Of course he (and his wife!) were going to take an opportunity to visit the raucous city – and it's only better because people keep treating him nicely and giving him free drinks.

He was optimistic, friendly and positive. The backlash from his Reddit account didn't seem to get him down. He was happy to be recognized and have his fun.

After chatting amicably for a couple of minutes, Ken Bone agreed to smile with me for a photo.

I touched the red sweater. It felt like freedom.

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