Kellyanne Conway's Rude Comment About Black Yoga Pants Will Deeply Offend You

by Alexandra Svokos

Kellyanne Conway got a lot of criticism and memery for her inauguration outfit.

Did you see it? It looked like this:


She wore a red, white and blue coat with a red hat up top. The buttons on the coats were lions (or were they pussycats?).

Her coat got compared to the Paddington Bear and Revolutionary soldiers, which may in fact have been the look she was going for. In reality, Conway's coat was a $3,600 Gucci wool coat.

Conway bit back at her critics this week in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter (which is a fitting place for a profile on a reality TV star president's adviser).

She said,

Sorry to offend the black-stretch-pants women of America with a little color.

Wow, Kellyanne. Wow.

As a New York woman writing this while wearing stretch black pants, this just feels like a personal attack.

So let's hear it, women of America. Raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimized by Kellyanne Conway.

With this statement, Conway has basically decided to go full Blair Waldorf on American women, going ahead and making the offensive claim that leggings are not pants.

I mean, seriously. The minions are even wearing red, white and blue in the original "Gossip Girl" clip.

Conway is serving as White House adviser to Donald Trump. So far, in the past week, her work has apparently consisted of calling lies "alternative facts" and reportedly punching a man at the inaugural ball.

It's been nothing if not mesmerizing to see everything going down in the past six days since Trump has assumed the presidency.

Conway previously served as campaign manager to Trump. The New Jersey native has been holding up her (metaphorical) fists since she took on the campaign last August.

Regardless your opinion on her morality, it's clear she fights to win — so hold on tight to your yoga pants.

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