Joe Biden Revealed What His Post-VP Job Is And It’ll Make You So Emotional


We now know exactly what Joe Biden will be doing after the vice presidency -- and it sounds an awful lot like what he was doing in his life as the vice president.

Biden announced the launch of the Biden Foundation on Wednesday. Like Barack and Michelle Obama before them, Joe and Dr. Jill launched their foundation with a video.

Biden says, believe it or not, that he is "more optimistic than I've ever been since I've been in public life." That optimism, he said, actually comes from us, the millennial generation.

He calls us "the most open, the most tolerant, the most generous generation in American history," which is like, so sweet, thank you, Joe.

Biden says he got hope from how quickly we changed the culture on same-sex marriage, saying all that matters is love.

Dr. Jill chimes in, saying their work at the foundation is "personal." She says,

You know, from Joe's work on cancer, to my work on women with cancer, and education, and community colleges, and military families. We have a personal connection, and that's what makes the difference for us.

The Bidens talk specifically about work on cancer research. This is especially poignant because Biden's son Beau died of brain cancer in 2015. Beau's mother was Biden's first wife, Neilia, who died in a car accident in 1972 along with Beau's younger sister.

Joe says we are at an "inflection point in the fight against cancer," more so than we have ever been.


Biden says he will also continue his work to prevent violence against women and work with the "It's On Us" campaign against campus sexual assault.

The Biden Foundation pillars include cancer research, foreign policy, community colleges and military families, equality, strengthening the middle class, protecting children and ending violence against women, according to its site.

The former vice president says they will keep pushing on these issues, and we can come up with progress "with your help."

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