You've Never Seen Anyone Dive Into An Ice Cream Cone Faster Than Joe Biden


Joe Biden is in the last days of his tenure as vice president. Soon, he will step away from politics to open a shoulder massage parlor (I think).

To send him off, Jimmy Fallon decided to recreate one of the veteran politician's most popular images.

This is the grandiose picture in question:


There's so much to unpack in this picture, from the Fitbit (right?) to the aviators to – of course – the money.

"You're holding money… I don't know what's going on," Jimmy Fallon says in the video, as he looks down at the amazing photo.

Jimmy shows the audience the photograph, and then proceeds to equip Biden with the necessary props.

But before Fallon can set the scene, Biden's already chomping down.

The dude really likes ice cream.

Here, Biden points to his classic aviators and says, "I've been wearing these since I was 16. They're coming back."

No Biden, they're not. But you do kind of look like an old, sexy Secret Service agent in them. So go for it.

The internet has been fascinated by Biden's ice cream eating for years.

This is a Tumblr that posts pictures of just that.

I'm going to miss Biden's policies and speeches.

But mostly, I'm going to miss his ice cream memes.


There is an utterly endless supply of Biden ice cream memes and tweets.


I'm starting to picture this whole elaborate backstory in which Joe Biden's uncle used to take him to get ice cream every weekend.

Then, one day, he couldn't anymore because he'd gone to war. Biden waited years for him to return.

He would always buy his uncle an ice cream cone on the weekends, but he'd just watch it melt in the sun.

Then, finally, the uncle returned one day.  He was holding two ice cream cones in each hand.

Biden smiled because, even though his uncle's eyes no longer had their old shimmer, humor and mirth, the ice cream he held was still delicious and cold.

Woah, that got away from me.

OK, um, back to the memes.




Sadly, nothing lasts forever. So long, Joe.