Ivanka Trump Just Tweeted About The Eclipse During Steve Bannon’s Exit, So WTF?

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

If you've been on the internet for even a single second today, then you already know that Steve Bannon has left the White House. TMZ reported that Press Secretary Sarah Sanders released a statement saying it was a mutual decision between Bannon and chief of staff John Kelly. Basically, a lot is going down in Washington right now, which makes Ivanka Trump's tweet about the solar eclipse really, really weird.

Seriously, take a scroll through Twitter right now and try to find someone not reacting to the news about Bannon's departure in some way. My entire timeline is just jokes, gifs, and other reactions to the big news — and then there's Ivanka. While everyone waits for more information and a tweet from President Trump (because you know it's coming), Ivanka tweeted a map of the solar eclipse's path across the U.S. with the message,

On Monday, the US will witness its first total solar #eclipse since 1979. It will be visible in every state. Where will you be? #Eclipse2017

Honestly, I'll probably still be freaking out Bannon and any of his potential replacements. The better question is, where will you be, Ivanka? And where are you right now, while the rest of us are freaking out over a major shake-up in the White House?

Needless to say, many of the replies to Ivanka's tweet don't come from people sharing their own eclipse plans. Instead, they pointed out that this may not be the best time to tweet something so innocuous.

Those who did acknowledge the eclipse in their responses chose to use it as a metaphor for the current state of the country.

Finally, one person summed up Ivanka's silence on Bannon with a single word:

There's a chance this tweet may have been scheduled in advance, but whether it was or not, Ivanka may want to comment on Bannon's departure ASAP before her mentions really get out of control.