Ivanka Trump Faces Backlash For Insensitive Tweet During Travel Ban Protests


On Saturday, President Donald Trump issued a sudden ban on admitting immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries into the United States.

The controversial executive order was received poorly by many people around the globe who weren't able to fathom why we'd need to temporarily ban nearly 218 million people from the US.

The travel ban sparked mass protests around the world, most notably in New York City at JFK International Airport, as both immigrants and American citizens denounced the president's brash actions.

While many people's lives were and still are affected by Trump's immigration ban, life still goes on for his daughter Ivanka Trump.

The 35-year-old businesswoman is receiving backlash after sharing a photo of her and husband Jared Kushner attending a gala amid travel ban protests.

While thousands of protesters felt their rights had been violated by their newly elected president and his administration, Ivanka kept silent and carried on.

If she thought sharing a photo of herself in a fancy gown during a time like this wasn't going to be deemed insensitive, she was gravely mistaken.

As you can see, people are NOT happy.

Was she serious?

They even clowned her dress.

Ivanka Trump shared the same gala photo on her Instagram account where she received even more criticism for her "insensitive" picture.

Commenters said things like,

Shame on you. History will not remember you, or your family, fondly.

Another comment reads,

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Classless, insensitive, soulless. It won't be long before the disastrous Trump empire comes crumbling down.


Look, I personally doubt Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were purposely attempting to shrug off the many travel ban protests that took place over the weekend.

John Haltiwanger

I do think they need to realize a man who they are directly related to is currently in the White House and he's changing people's lives, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse.

Therefore, using their better judgment may come in handy moving forward. After all, no one's forcing you to post on social media.

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