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Ivanka Trump Instagrams Kids On Day Of Kushner's Senate Testimony

Leave it to Ivanka Trump to be cool as a cucumber whilst her husband Jared Kushner testifies before Congress in an investigation into the Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

On Monday, July 24, Trump posted a photo of her kids on Instagram, and it looks like everything in her world is rosy-goggled status quo. It's impossible to tell what someone's really feeling over social media, but the post doesn't make her look too worried about the fact that her husband is testifying in a closed-door session before the Senate Intelligence Committee. The testimony is part of an ongoing investigation into Russia's role in the election and its contacts with her father's campaign.

The photo posted Monday is of her daughter, Arabella, and son, Joseph, with the caption, "Good way to start the day!" Sure, maybe President Donald Trump's daughter was just feeling the summer vibes and felt so inspired by the D.C. humidity she wanted to share her joy with the world.

OK, we have to admit that there's almost never a bad time to post adorable photos of children wearing bibs and leopard print wayfarers. (Where did he even get those? Does anyone know?) And, to be sure, some users were fully in support of this cuteness, posting comments like "Too cute" and "Beautiful and fun family! You make this world a better place!"

But Trump wasn't without her haters, either. Multiple users ripped into her post for a number of reasons. First, there's the oddity of the timing, and her nonchalance during what for normal folks would be a super stressful time. Then there's the question of why this photo.

"They are going to be so cute visiting their Dad and grandad in jail!!!" said one user. Another user wrote, "Exploiting your kids to manipulate public opinion is a great way to start a week where criminal traitor little Jared has to testify before congress . If little Jared lies once it's a federal crime and he'll go to prison !"

After his testimony Monday, Kushner is scheduled to go before the House Intelligence Committee for a second session on Tuesday, the Washington Post reports. Only time will tell  if Ivanka's chill vibes can hold out as the week's events unfold.