The Ultimate Cheatsheet Of Everything To Know About The Israel-Palestine Indefinite Ceasefire

by John Haltiwanger

Today, a long-term ceasefire agreement between Israel and Palestine went into effect, prompting people to take to the streets and celebrate after 7 weeks of brutal fighting.

Gaza lives... — Gaza Writes Back (@ThisIsGaZa) August 26, 2014

Here's what you need to know:

An indefinite ceasefire has been established, halting 50 days of warfare between Israel and Palestine. Egypt helped mediate the agreement. The US sees this as positive.

Good outcome on cease-fire agreement/hope durable and sustainable/end rocket attacks/help enduring end to Gaza conflict — John Kerry (@JohnKerry) August 26, 2014
PHOTOS: #Gaza celebrates after Egypt brokers ceasefire between Israel, Palestinians. — Reuters Top News (@Reuters) August 26, 2014

The truce brings Israel and Palestine back to terms similar to those agreed upon after the 2012 Gaza war.

#Palestinian sources say factions and #Israel have reached truce in #Gaza. The outlines resemble the 2012 Ceasefire. No word yet from Israel — Ayman Mohyeldin (@AymanM) August 26, 2014

Israel agreed to ease restrictions on Gaza. More aid and construction materials will be allowed in, and border crossings will be opened immediately.

Ceasefire terms as per Egyptians: opening of Israel-Gaza crossings, 6 nautical miles for fishing, contin. of indirect talks 1month from now — Dalia Hatuqa (@DaliaHatuqa) August 26, 2014

Palestinian fishermen can now go as far as six miles offshore, instead of just three.

"Israel will extend the fishing limit off Gaza's coast to six miles from three miles" — Josh Greenman (@joshgreenman) August 26, 2014

Other Palestinian demands, such as the establishment of a seaport and an airport, are set to be discussed in the near future in Cairo. Israel would also like to see Gaza demilitarized.

PM wants Gaza demilitarized, and the world agrees — but how? — The Times of Israel (@TimesofIsrael) July 29, 2014

There are many unanswered questions surrounding the future of Gaza.

Indefinite ceasefire brokered in Gaza. The terms aren't much, but hopefully future talks will prove more fruitful. — Johnny Chiodini (@johnneh) August 26, 2014

Some feel that Hamas should have agreed upon a ceasefire long before this.

Terms of new #Gaza Ceasefire are same as July 15 ceasefire. What exactly did you win, #Hamas? — Omar J (@moolahraj) August 26, 2014
How many more people would be alive today if Hamas had accepted Egypt's ceasefire proposal on July 15, or any of the others offered since? — Avi Mayer (@AviMayer) August 26, 2014

More than 2,100 people were killed during the fighting, including around 500 children. The majority of casualties were Palestinian.

I know what the human cost, the infrastructure toll, Israel's bombs had on Gaza. But right now,I want to weep in relief it's over for now. — Hend (@LibyaLiberty) August 26, 2014
#Gaza Casualties: 2123 killed 577 Children 261 Women 101 Elderly (Palestinian Health Ministry) — Wajahat Ali (@WajahatAli) August 25, 2014

Many people have been displaced from their homes, and many buildings have been destroyed as a consequence of this conflict.

New school year delayed indefinitely in #Gaza with 231 schools damaged & 380k Palestinians displaced via @AJEnglish — UNICEF (@UNICEF) August 21, 2014
The #Palestinian Center for Human Rights: 540,000 people had been displaced in the territory. #Gaza — Mustafa Bağ (@mustafa__bag) August 26, 2014

There is no clear victor.

Hamas says about to announce ceasefire. Expect claims of victory from all parties. #Israel #Gaza #Palestine — benwedeman (@bencnn) August 26, 2014

Yet, one might argue that Hamas won a political victory.

This actually looks pretty good for Hamas. RT @LukeReuters: What's in the Gaza peace deal? — Blake Hounshell (@blakehounshell) August 26, 2014
Hamas declares victory after cease-fire announced; Gaza erupts in celebrations — (@haaretzcom) August 26, 2014
Gaza's victory in forcing Israel to open the crossings, increse fishing distance and reduce no go "buffer zone" must not be taken lightly. — Palestine Video (@PalestineVideo) August 26, 2014
Israel kneels to resistance demands... #VictoryForGaza #Gaza #Palestine — فلسطين i (@iFalasteen) August 26, 2014

Some feel that this could signify a new era for Israel and Palestine.

After 50 days of war - Israeli and Palestinian officials appear to have come a cease-fire deal. Here's hoping this one will last. — Sheera Frenkel (@sheeraf) August 26, 2014
Ban Ki-moon welcomes Gaza ceasefire, says two-state solution is "only viable option" — United Nations (@UN) August 26, 2014
Everything seems more beautiful than ever! Free life is more beautiful than everything. Life worths! Enjoy :) #Gaza #freedom — Guess what (@Farah_Gazan) August 26, 2014

Others are less hopeful and feel this is only temporary. Only time will tell.

Ceasefire in Gaza. But for how long? 1 month? 1 year? Like the one in 2012? This is not a permanent solution. — Umar (@umerhusein) August 26, 2014

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