The Internet Is Losing It Over Sean Spicer's Bizarre Explanation Of “Covfefe”

by John Haltiwanger
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

It was the tweet heard around the world.

Late last night, Trump sent an incomplete, incoherent tweet.

By Wednesday morning, one word was on everyone's mind: covfefe.


The tweet went completely viral (before it was ultimately deleted), and was the talk of the town on Wednesday.

Even the president joined in on making fun of his strange tweet.

But, somehow, White House Press Secretary succeeded in making this situation more bizarre and confusing than it already was.

When asked to comment on the "covfefe" incident/tweet/conspiracy, Spicer said,

The president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant.

Reporters in the room apparently couldn't help themselves and started laughing after he said this.

What does that even mean? Did Spicer just argue the "covfefe" tweet wasn't a mistake?

The Internet, which was already flirting with insanity due the "covfefe" tweet, completely lost it over Spicer's answer.

Spicer seems to have everyone on Twitter asking: "Is this real life?"

There are many theories as to what "covfefe" actually means, even though it completely stumped Merriam-Webster.

Urban Dictionary has some interesting thoughts on this in relation to hand size.

Senator Al Franken joked it means "I gotta go to bed now" in Yiddish.

It was also rumored that if you typed "covfefe" into Google Translate and selected Russian as the language, it would translate to "Soviet."

But, this isn't true, and it actually detects the language as Samoan when you attempt to translate it into Russian.

Google Translate

Sorry everyone, not everything Trump-related involves Russia, although, there's certainly a lot to pay attention to in that department at the moment.

Perhaps we will never really know what "covfefe" means, or maybe the president and this "small group of people" will finally come forward with the truth (and maybe even his tax returns) one day.