Howard Dean Just Let Us Relive This Amazing 'Chappelle's Show' Skit

Comedy Central

Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean just spoke at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, and it was wonderful.

Why was it so fantastic, you ask?

Well, primarily because he allowed us to relive a moment from his 2004 presidential campaign that is arguably one of the most notorious gaffes in modern history: the "Dean Scream."

This infamous scream was somewhat responsible for upending Dean's campaign for the presidency.

Isn't it pretty crazy that yelling can be credited for essentially ending a presidential campaign?

Today, you can be a lying, bigoted, narcissistic, xenophobic misogynist and it's apparently perfectly acceptable by many people's standards. But I digress...

What's really important about this is the amazing skit it inspired on "Chappelle's Show," which will forever go down as one of the most hilarious segments of comedy EVER.

The Chappelle skit was hardly the only comedic take on the "Dean Scream," but it was arguably the best.

Thank you Howard Dean, for allowing us to "BYAHHHHHH" again. You have no idea how much we needed this.

I think I speak for the entire country when I say you're a true American hero. You make me want to "BYAH" every single day.

Watch the amazing "Chappelle's Show" skit below.