Hillary Clinton Saw ‘Wonder Woman’ And We Wish We Were Sitting Next To Her

by Lilli Petersen
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

You might be #stillwithher even after nine months, but apparently #sheswithDiana. Hillary Clinton and husband Bill were treated to a special screening of the hit female-led superhero movie, Wonder Woman, last night, according to a tweet posted by the theater. One female leader in a theater watching another one kick some ass? Why, yes please.

Theater chain The Alamo Drafthouse's New York City location tweeted a photo on Sunday morning showing the political pair posing what what seem to be a few members of the theater staff. “Honored to have hosted @HillaryClinton & @billclinton last night for a special screening of WONDER WOMAN!” The post read.

The female-led superhero film which has been busting all the barriers seems an good fit for the former presidential candidate.

Wonder Woman has, famously, broken a number of records, including highest-grossing woman-led superhero film, and highest-grossing live action movie directed by a woman. Clinton, for her part, was the first former FLOTUS to win public office, as well as the first woman to be elected senator from New York, all the way back in 2000. She was also the only former first lady to become Secretary of State, when Barack Obama appointed her in 2009. Not to mention, of course, being the first female presidential nominee for a major party just last year.

So basically, Clinton knows a little something about breaking records too.

Honestly, it just makes me wish we all were watching it with her.

Diana was all about doing things that she got told she couldn't or shouldn't do. Can you imagine Clinton's face when Diana is all like, "no, but I have to help these people, I don't care about the danger!" The moment when she goes over the top of the trench? The moment when she flips the freaking tank?

It made me feel all, "smash the patriarchy," and I've never even run for office.

The theater's Wonder Woman screenings have been in the news before, too. Back in early June, shortly after the film premiered, the theater took fire for a small number of women-only screenings scheduled, which some dudes said were sexist. The theater didn't back down, and the screenings went forward, apparently without a hitch.

The Alamo Drafthouse confirmed by phone that they do "private bookings" fairly frequently.

However, they weren't immediately able to provide any detailed comment. So there's sadly no news on whether the Clintons liked the show or who, if anyone, attended the screening with them.

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume she liked it, though. I mean, everyone else did.