This New Music Video Will Forever Change How You See Hillary Clinton


Eight years after his hit video "I've Got A Crush On Hillary," Dave Days is back at it with "Chelsea's Mom."

The new music video is a parody of Fountain of Wayne's classic "Stacy's Mom," but reimagined with Hillary Clinton. Days, a creator in the Fullscreen network, told Elite Daily:

Everyone has a sexy side, and we wanted to show Hillary's.

See it for yourself with the premiere of "Chelsea's Mom," above.

The video was directed by Josh Berger, who said he wanted to have some fun with an alternate view of Clinton. In satirical impressions of Clinton, like on "Saturday Night Live," Clinton is typically presented as "super rigid," and they wanted to do something different.

Shirley Hughes played Clinton's role as the hot, flirty mom and appreciated the twist on Clinton's persona. She said:

They pushed me to do things I wouldn't normally do -- or have the opportunity to. When it comes to a certain age, you're really invisible.

Hughes enjoyed the opportunity to act as a confident and sexual woman, and she said her imagination ran wild thinking about Clinton in this light. After all, she thought, for all we know Clinton does very much have this side to her personality.

Days said the video "comes from a place of love for her," but he's not sure yet who he'll be voting for as the primary vote comes to California. Berger and Hughes are also still figuring it out.

But they all agree that this political season has been really serious, and they want some comic relief. Days said:

I wanted to have some fun with the political climate and make it so everything's not so serious.

Berger has some other hopes aside from getting laughs:

[We want to] bring the younger generation into the political climate and have young people really paying attention to politics and making that an important thing for the younger generation. If we can make that happen for young people, then that's a job well done for us.

How much fun the group had working together comes across in the final product, which is a great escape from the reality of a crazy political climate.

The team is excited to be premiering their video and hearing people's reactions. But they want to hear the reaction from one person in particular: Hillary Clinton herself.

We'll stand by to see if she checks it out.