The Harvard Republican Club Refuses To Endorse Donald Trump


Donald Trump is the first GOP nominee to say and do A LOT of things.

But perhaps his biggest accomplishment (or failure, rather) stems from the prestigious Harvard Republican Club refusing to endorse or support him.

This is the first time in 128 years that the club has NOT supported a Republican presidential nominee.

Great job, Donny. You must really be breaking the mold here.

The Harvard Republican Club, which is "the oldest College Republicans chapter in the nation," released a statement of its denunciation of The Donald, saying,

Indeed. The letter also stated,

In just a single sentence, the club was able to address not one, not two, but three times Donald Trump made offensive remarks about some of the people that already made America great, including The Khan Family and prisoner of war Sen. John McCain.

Well, damn. This statement might have just revitalized the entire Republican party.

In addition to the scathing letter published on Medium by the Harvard Republican Club, The Harvard Crimson published an article regarding the statement, revealing,

It's safe to say the vast majority of Harvard students want NOTHING to do with Donald Trump.

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