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People Guess Each Other's Political Parties Based On Nothing But Appearances

I think most of us would assume we could look at a person and guess their political party of choice.

As the drama surrounding the presidential election continues to build, I've been more curious than ever to figure out which way people are leaning.

And I'm not above using someone's appearance to judge which party he or she associates with. I wish I was, but subconsciously I can't seem to help it.


I live in New York City, where it feels like most people are liberal, especially if they're in their 20s.

If you're dressed in an eccentric way, I'll usually pin you as a Democrat.

However, when I'm in Murray Hill, the closest you can get to a suburb in Manhattan, I tend to assume everyone is Republican. I know it's wrong, but the button-up bros with tech vests and Banana Republic loafers really throw me off.

It gets trickier when I go back to my hometown in Minnesota. Though I've known my relatives and many of my friends there for my entire life, I have no idea how they vote.

Maybe it's because Midwesterners seem to be more private about their political beliefs than New Yorkers.

Or maybe it's because Minnesotans wear tech vests to shield themselves against icy winters, not to look elite at their Goldman Sachs internships.

But whether I'm in the Midwest or on the East Coast, my guesses as to which party someone belongs to aren't always correct.

Playing on that whole “Don't judge a book by its cover” idea, we paired up Millennial Democrats and Republicans to judge each other's appearances, face to face.

They spouted stereotypes about each party and then applied those assumptions to determine whether their opponent was a donkey or an elephant.

Refreshingly, most were surprised by the results.


To see this political party guessing game, watch the video above.

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