The Former President Of Mexico Just Dropped The F-Bomb On CNN, So TGIF

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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox really, really wants everyone to know that Mexico will "never" pay for Donald Trump's proposed border wall. He apparently wants that so bad, Fox nonchalantly dropped the F-Bomb live on CNN while sending the message. Here's the moment Fox went off, which visibly shocked news anchor Alisyn Camerota:

Fox's profane comment came during an interview on Friday, Aug. 4, which focused on President Trump's January conversation with Mexican counterpart Enrique Peña Nieto. Camerota asked Fox whether Peña Nieto had been "forceful" enough in telling Trump that Mexico will not pay for the wall.

That's when Fox offered his own suggestion.

Well, you can use my words — we'll never pay for that f*cking wall.

Tell us how you really feel, Vicente.

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The subject of conversations between Trump and Peña Nieto gained attention on Thursday, when the Washington Post reported it had obtained a transcript of a diplomatic call between the two leaders, during which they discussed the proposed border wall.

Throughout the call, which occurred seven days after Trump's inauguration, Peña Nieto repeatedly pushed back on the idea of Mexico paying for the wall. Trump, for his part, insisted that Peña Nieto not reiterate such opposition to the press.

On Twitter, a former Department of Defense staff member and media consultant of Vicente Fox, Mark Vargas, indicated that the interview had been in doubt because of connectivity issues (Fox was in Mexico, and was being interviewed via video chat).

The irony? Back in January, Vargas was interviewed by the Daily Herald, which revealed one point of advice the media consultant tried to give Fox. The report read,

Vargas also suggested Fox set an example and omit curse words during any future discussion about Trump's border wall. Fox has kept his comments PG, but he hasn't toned down the content.

So much for that.