Eminem Rips Into 'Loose Cannon' Trump In Savage Election Freestyle


Eminem has never been afraid to voice his opinion, and he just made it very clear he's not a fan of Donald Trump or his supporters.

The rapper hasn't released an album in quite some time. But he just dropped a brand new track – "Campaign Song" – to let people know he's still on the grind.

In a tweet, he said,

"Campaign Song" is almost eight minutes long, and it feels a lot more like a freestyle or rant than a song.

Attempting to fully grasp everything he discusses in this track is virtually impossible the first time you listen to it. This man is completely on another level.

At one point in the song (which is mind-blowing and reminds you that Eminem is not someone you want to mess with), the rapper rips into Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

He also attacked Trump supporters:

This isn't the first time Eminem has delved into politics in his music. He famously attacked President George W. Bush in the song, "Mosh."

But there was a time when Eminem and Trump got along.

Back in 2004, Trump actually endorsed the rapper for president. At the time, the real estate mogul said,

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Things have obviously changed, given that Eminem is clearly not willing to reciprocate by endorsing Trump.