Elizabeth Warren Is Doing What The Media Won't By Challenging Trump

by John Haltiwanger

Donald Trump has dominated media coverage throughout this election cycle. His controversial remarks and policy proposals are essentially guaranteed to generate viewership for major media outlets.

Say what you want about the real estate mogul, but he knows how to cultivate an audience. After all, he spent a significant portion of his life on reality TV.

Indeed, the mainstream media has enabled Trump throughout this election, consistently failing to properly challenge his bigoted rhetoric, unfeasible policy proposals and blatant lies.

As Jon Stewart put it during an interview with David Axelrod earlier this week, mainstream media has more or less behaved like a "crack dealer" throughout this election, in that all it really cares about is whether or not people buy its product, regardless of the consequences.

In this case, Trump has helped the media sell its product, which is viewership (not actual crack, obviously), so he continues to get airtime. This has undoubtedly helped his campaign.

As Stewart noted, it's pretty disconcerting heads of networks have said Trump is "great for business," so why would the media want to stand up to Trump, dismantle his campaign and kill the thing good for business?

Stewart explained it perfectly when he said the media should be incentivized to produce clarity, but instead, it's incentivized to broadcast conflict and the figures who incite it because that's what people pay attention to.

Donald Trump is undoubtedly the most confrontational figure in this entire election, which explains why he gets constant airtime.

Well, Trump might have finally met his match in Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is not only calling him out for being a misogynistic bully, but she's also doing what the media is actually supposed to do and dissecting the inadequacies of his proposed policies.

The two have been in an ongoing fight, but it really climaxed on Wednesday. After Trump referred to Warren as "goofy," she came back at him with a vengeance on Twitter.

It's safe to say the Massachusetts senator dropped the mic on Trump.

Trump might want to think twice before challenging Warren in the future because she really let him have it.

Senator Warren doesn't mess around.