Elizabeth Warren Really Fired People Up With This Epic Anti-Trump Rant


If you're finding it hard to believe Donald Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee for president, you're not alone. But this is what's happening, and it's better to accept the truth than live in denial.

These sentiments were echoed in a Facebook post from Senator Elizabeth Warren in which she delivered a scathing critique of Trump and everything he stands for.

Warren's epic post came not long after it was announced Trump won the Indiana primary and Ted Cruz dropped out of the race. She made it clear she's willing to do whatever is necessary to prevent the real estate mogul from making it to the White House.


The Massachusetts senator essentially just declared war on Donald Trump.

Warren's Facebook post, which she also posted on Twitter via a series of tweets, quickly went viral and got a lot of people talking.

All of this seems to suggest Warren will play a much larger role in the presidential election in the coming months, and perhaps even desires to be considered a candidate for vice president.

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