New Poll Shows Most Republicans Are In Panic Mode About Donald Trump


It might seem like forever ago at this point in the election cycle, but there was a time when there were 17 Republican candidates for president.

Ultimately, as we now know, Donald Trump became the Republican presidential nominee.

But it looks like Republicans might be regretting this, and now wish the GOP had nominated someone other than the real estate mogul.

A new Huffington Post and YouGov poll shows a majority of Republican-leaning voters (54 percent) say Donald Trump wasn't the best option out of the pool of Republican candidates.

But back in June, a HuffPost/YouGov poll showed the votes were split evenly, with 44 percent saying Trump was the best choice, and another 44 saying the GOP could do better.

So it appears there's been a change of heart.

This might be linked to the fact that Trump has had a rocky couple of weeks, filled with controversial remarks and instability within his campaign -- and his poll numbers have plummeted.

Hillary Clinton, Trump's Democratic opponent, currently has a five point lead in the polls.

The HuffPost/YouGov poll also showed a majority of Democrats (53 percent) believe Hillary Clinton was the best option for president.

This is down from the June poll, however, when 56 percent said they believed she was the best choice.

Still, it definitely appears far more Republicans are having second thoughts about nominating Trump and aren't exactly thrilled he's currently the face of their party.