Literally No One Wants To Work With Donald Trump If He Becomes President


In what must be a hugely shocking piece of news to people everywhere, no one wants to work with Donald Trump should he actually become president.

Trump has been stomping his way through the presidential race for the past year, making fun of everyone in his path and spewing blatant disrespect to the Republican party that is reluctantly hosting him.

Although these actions apparently haven't hurt his standing among Republican voters, it might come back to haunt him if his dreams (and our nightmares) come true and he is elected president.

Trump is now the presumed Republican presidential nominee, although it won't be officially decided until the Republican National Convention in July. But, many people in the Republican party want to distance themselves from him.

Politico spoke with dozens of Republicans working on different levels of the government and found pretty much no one wants to work with Trump.

Many people said they don't like him or his ideas and think he is unfit to be president. Matt McDonald, who worked with President George W. Bush in the Office of Management and Budget, said,

I wouldn't vote for Trump, much less work for him. I don't agree with half his ideas, and the other half I don't really believe what he said.

Aside from just totally disagreeing with Trump on different topics, many government officials don't want to work with him because of future repercussions it could have on their careers. A former Republican official from the US Environmental Protection Agency told Politico,

You'd have to worry about your future career and the way you're perceived in these things. You just kind of think of how he deals with people. Would you really want to work for him?

Trump is basically the annoying bully in your high school class no one wanted to work with on a group project -- that guy whom the teacher had to ask the nice kids to let into their group because no one would actively decide to work with him.

We all know how it'd end up during the group project. He'd make it needlessly frustrating to work on, you'd never want to have group meetings, he'd force you to listen to all his dumb ideas and, in the end, you'd be the one doing all the work, debating whether or not to tell the teacher he had minimal input and seriously doesn't deserve the same grade as you.

But, of course, there's always one guy who wants to be in the bully's group: the guy the bully made fun of so much, he now, conversely, needs the bully's protection. The Vincent Crabbe to Draco Malfoy.

In real life, that person is Chris Christie. On Monday morning, Trump announced Christie would lead his transition team should he become president. For context, President Barack Obama didn't pick a transition team leader until after the general election in November 2008.

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