Trump Said 'Easy D' In A Tweet And People Can't Stop Making Dirty Jokes

by John Haltiwanger

President Donald Trump included the phrase "EASY D" in a tweet on Wednesday, February 8, and, given we're all just overgrown children who still laugh when someone says "penis" (tehehe), people can't stop making dirty jokes.

To be fair, the Donald was really asking for it with this tweet.


He was once again defending his controversial travel ban, which has been temporarily blocked, and for some reason, he felt it was necessary to end the tweet with a big, ole "EASY D."

What "EASY D" means is not entirely clear — he really left this open for interpretation.


It seems he probably meant "easy decision."

Most people seem to realize this, but can't help but relentlessly mock Trump for essentially saying "easy dick."

What a time to be alive!

"Trump" and "EASY D" are two things that should never be included in the same sentence.

I mean, how could he not know how people would react to this?


Interesting theory.


EASY D: greatest rapper ever?


SNL is salivating over the EASY D (sorry).

The end is nigh, but at least we're getting some EASY D.


On a serious note — now that we've gotten that out of our system — Donald Trump's travel ban is arguably a very backward way to approach the issue of terrorism.

The ban impacts refugees and people from seven predominately Muslim countries.

Many refer to it as a "Muslim ban."

The Trump administration says it's not, even though the president repeatedly uses the word "ban" in his tweets.


Since 1980, no refugee has committed an act of terror in the US that's resulted in the loss of American lives.

Prior to 1980, the only terror attacks carried about by refugees were perpetrated by Cuban refugees. These attacks killed a total of three people.

Of the nearly 800,000 refugees accepted into the US since 9/11, less than 20 have been arrested or detained over terrorism-related concerns.

Moreover, no one from the seven countries Trump has singled out — Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen — have carried out deadly terror attacks on US soil.

Meanwhile, terrorist organizations have celebrated Trump's travel ban, as it fuels their propaganda. They want Muslims to believe the West is at war with Islam.

When America targets Muslim countries with discriminatory policies, it helps terror organizations like ISIS and al-Qaeda recruit.

Staying true to our values and helping some of the world's most vulnerable people should not be so hard.

It should be an "easy decision."

Sadly, Trump is determined to spread fear and demonize an entire religion.

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