Kylah Benes-Trapp

Some Geniuses Made A Doughnut With Donald Trump Getting Punched In The Face

Cinnamon Snail, vegan food makers, made a limited number of doughnuts today with a detailed icing image of Donald Trump getting punched in the face.

Needless to say, as soon as we heard about it, we ran over to their location near New York's Penn Station to try one for ourselves.

I hopped on the early lunch-rush line and became one of many snapping pics of the Donald Trump doughnut.

Alexandra Svokos

The doughnuts cost $9 each, which is wayyy more than I'd regularly pay for a doughnut, but it was for a good cause. Not only would I get to think about Trump being punched in the face, but profits from the doughnuts are going to the New York Immigration Coalition. That's right -- this doughnut added insult to injury by actually helping immigrants.

A true thing of beauty.

The Trump doughnuts were lemon-flavored with a painted cookie on top and lemon filling in the middle. By the time I picked up my doughnuts and left, they were sold out.

I got back to headquarters to try the doughnuts out with fellow Elite Daily staff. Vegans aren't typically known for violence -- and obviously, we wouldn't encourage it -- but these doughnuts show just how much Trump has pissed off New York.

Kylah Benes-Trapp

After taking adequate time for everyone to Snapchat and Instagram the masterpieces, we chomped in.

Lemon is definitely my least favorite doughnut flavor and I am far from vegan, but this doughnut was truly glorious. It was perfectly textured and not too sour like lemon doughnuts can be.

Not to mention, it felt really good to see that image of Trump getting punched. Sorry, not sorry.

As one Elite Daily writer said, the doughnut satisfied us in more ways than one.

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