Demi Lovato Is Officially Backing This Presidential Hopeful

by Alexandra Svokos
Getty Images

Demi Lovato is putting her popularity to use by hopping into the political game.

She gave her support to someone she feels aligns with her character as a strong, confident woman: presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

In doing so, Demi joined a long list of Hillary supporters, which includes Lena Dunham and Katy Perry -- who gave Clinton her "theme" song.

Lovato campaigned for Clinton out in Iowa, where the first caucus is happening on February 1. On Thursday, she spoke and performed at the University of Iowa in Iowa City.

At the event, Lovato reportedly said,

I couldn't be more thrilled to be here in support of her. The person that is about to walk on this stage, not only am I voting for because of her beliefs, her strength and the fact that she completely embodies the concept of women empowerment. Last, but not least, I am voting for her because I truly believe that there is nobody more qualified to run this country -- our country -- than our secretary of state.

Clinton apparently voiced her support for Lovato as well, saying,

Demi, you have been just an extraordinary example for so many in the way that you have talked about issues that people find sometimes hard to talk about.

Presumably referring to Lovato's newest album, Confident, Clinton added,

We go forward with confidence.

Seems like these two are ready for the Iowa caucus.

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