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#CruzSexScandal Is Trending, And It's Making Twitter Want To Hurl

There are currently allegations swirling around saying Senator Ted Cruz is hiding five mistresses, causing #CruzSexScandal to trend on Twitter.

When it comes down to it, a person's private life is his or her own business. People should probably be more concerned about where Cruz stands on the issues: He's vehemently anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage, denies the scientific consensus on climate change and promotes policies like surveilling Muslim neighborhoods (in spite of the fact he doesn't even know how many Muslims live in the US) -- among a number of other arguably deplorable positions.

Simply put, this is not a story we all should focus on in terms of the presidential election. There are more important matters to discuss than Cruz's sex life (although, if it is true, he's a huge hypocrite for constantly portraying himself as a devout Christian).

Fortunately, it seems as though most people don't want to discuss this whatsoever, and seeing the words "Cruz" and "sex" together is evidently making many Twitter users feel violently ill.

Quick, grab a trash can!

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