Clinton's Team Is Live-Streaming Its Attempt To Read Trump's 5,500 Lawsuits


According to Hillary Clinton's official Facebook page, her campaign team has decided to try to hit Donald Trump's business credibility where it hurts: by attempting to name as many of his lawsuits as possible in four hours on Facebook Live.

If Clinton's campaign is right about the number of lawsuits – 5,500 – her staff has an uphill battle ahead of them.

At the time of publication, Hillary's staff was about two hours in, and about 2,200 lawsuits deep.

One person keeps track of the number, while two people go back and forth reading the titles of the lawsuits, Mashable reports. This list includes – among a gazillion others – Rosenburg vs. Trump Taj Mahal, Citibank vs. Miss Universe, Trump Plaza Associates vs. Shirley A. Hicks and Trump Taj Mahal Associates vs. Randy S. Livingston. And so on and so on.

The list really goes on.

I personally heard what had to be more than 100 lawsuits involving Trump Taj Mahal Associates, and it sounded like I didn't even hear close to all of them. Whatever Donald Trump did with the Trump Taj Mahal, he must've messed up big time.

Anyway, check out the live feed below. The longer you listen, the more you'll realize just how absurd it is that everything Clinton's staffers read is actually a lawsuit Trump or one of his companies was involved in.

It's weirdly hypnotizing, and also very scary. Even if 90 percent of these lawsuits were TRUMPED up and had no merit whatsoever, that still leaves over 500 credible lawsuits. I'm not sure I would want to be affiliated with anyone who has been involved in that much litigation, let alone vote for that person.

But if the comments on the live stream indicate anything, this is only bolstering the views already held by both Hillary's and Trump's respective supporters.

Clinton supporters see this as yet more evidence that Trump is not a viable candidate for presidency, while Trump supporters see this as more evidence of the desperation in Hillary's campaign to smear Trump and shift the public's eyes away from her own shortcomings.

In any case, it's undeniable that 5,500 is a big number when you're talking about lawsuits.

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