Please Go Out And Vote So Chelsea Handler Stops Rapping — We're Begging You


Listen: We love Chelsea Handler.

You know we love her. She's well-spoken and holds it down in the male-dominated talk show industry, and was super chill that time we met at the Democratic National Convention when I was hungover AF.

When I slumped into the room carrying a ginger ale, I knew I could trust Handler to not judge me, which is why it pains me so to have to judge this video of her rapping.

Handler made a video with POPSUGAR where she rapped about the history of female voting rights. This is a very important history lesson you should really know!

She said,

I feel so passionate about getting you girls out to vote and to register to vote that I wrote this little rap.

And then she just jumps right in.


Chelsea really goes for it, even spurting out some beat-boxing attempts. She really gives it her all with the verses.


She bops from side to side, makes some hand gestures relating to what she talks about and, to her credit, does keep a pretty decent beat.


Cool as she may be, she took an uncool dive to make this video for you, so you better damn listen to the freaking message.

Handler raps about how women got the right to vote -- less than 100 years ago, fam! -- which is a nice reminder that some people fought really hard for us to be able to vote, and we better not screw it up by giving up that right 'cause we don't feel like it.

Just like we should be thankful Handler is making this cringeworthy PSA, we should be thankful to the people who led us to this moment.


Here's the thing: These silly celebrity videos about voting are going to continue until you jerks actually show up to the polls and show you don't need celebrities to tell you to do it, like children.

If you want to see less content like this, register and go to the polls in November.