Hillary Clinton Costume Sparks Outrage After Mom Posts Photo Of Son

A photo of a smiling 8-year-old boy dressed as Hillary Clinton came across my Twitter feed this Halloween.

"What a sweet picture," I thought.

"What great parents this kid has," my brain buzzed.

Plus, the costume was on-point. I mean, damn! Great work!

The tweet had been retweeted over 2,000 times when I had those bemused thoughts.

But Alexandra, come on. How could you forget the one rule of the internet?

And what exactly is that rule?

That people are just the worst.

While there were many people celebrating the boy, there were just as many trolling and yelling at the boy's parents, who happen to be a same-sex female couple.

Twitter users told the mom the costume was "sick" and that the parents were trying to force their son into being gay.

Because as everybody knows, as soon as a boy dresses up as a girl for Halloween, he instantly becomes gay FOREVER.

Young girls have been dressing as men for Halloween for years without much outcry -- mostly because if you want to dress up as a real-life American president, you have to dress up as a man, because every single real-life American president has been a man.

It's cool for young girls to emulate inspiring men, but as soon as a young boy emulates an inspiring woman, it's seen as a sick tragedy.


The mom who tweeted the image of her son gave a simple explanation:

You go, son!

I think he did a great job with his Clinton costume, but he's got some stiff competition. Namely, Katy Perry:


Those two weren't the only ones to put on a Hillary Clinton costume.

There was even a solid "Clinton's private email servers" pun costume going around.

Let's end this post by checking those pictures out so we can forget about all the horrible homophobic people in the world:


And just to add a bit more cuteness, even Ivanka Trump got in on the Halloween baby fun:


Happy Halloween! Eight more days until the election is over!

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