Everyone Thinks Bill Clinton Fell Asleep During Hillary's Speech And There's A Video


We're pretty concerned about Bill Clinton.

First, he was seen fondling balloons. Now, people are wondering if he took a nap during Hillary's speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Well, it's not like she was saying anything important. You know, she's only just secured a presidential nomination (or something)...

Videos and pictures of Bill resting his eyes in the audience are doing the rounds.

Take a look at this one:

Did you spot Tim Kaine doing a cheeky lean-in to block the camera's view of old Bill? He has his back.

There have been mixed reactions to his inappropriate slumber.

Some think it's totally fair, given the busy week he's had.

Yeah, people were pretty sympathetic about a lifetime with Hillary.

This catty comment about Hillary's voice is just...

Here's your reminder that a sleepy Bill Clinton is now forever carved into internet history:

And this is just a LOW BLOW:

Naturally, some people were using this incident to promote some pro-Trump tweets. But we won't include those because it's a cheap shot on their part.