15 Tweets That Prove Bernie Sanders Won The GOP Debate Last Night

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Last night's Republican presidential debate was quite the spectacle.

Jeb and Trump traded blows. Rubio informed us "America is not a planet." Mike Huckabee once again defended Kim Davis (shocker). Carly Fiorina delivered a strong performance. Rand Paul sounded uncharacteristically rational at times, particularly when speaking about foreign policy.

Ben Carson shared perhaps the most awkward high five in history with Trump. Scott Walker and John Kasich might as well have stayed home. Chris Christie proved he's conservative, even though he once shared a hug with President Obama (gasp). And Ted Cruz was, well, Ted Cruz.

Oh yeah, and Jeb Bush admitted he once smoked weed (40 years ago).

WHO DID THIS #JebKush #GOPDebate — Favre In The Cut (@ASAPParm) September 17, 2015
when the drugs kick in.. #CNNDebate #JebKush — Jason Donnar (@jason_donnar_03) September 17, 2015

But who won the debate?

Actually, no one who was directly involved. The true victor was a septuagenarian socialist senator from Vermont.

Indeed, it was none other than Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders who won the debate last night.

Bernie live-tweeted the entire event, and it was brilliant.

Live-tweeting the debate starting now. #DebateWithBernie — Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) September 17, 2015

Here are 15 tweets that prove Bernie Sanders won the GOP debate on Wednesday night.

He called out Rubio for his backward approach to climate change.

Rubio knows California has a drought. Will he have the courage to connect that to climate change or reject the science? #DebateWithBernie — Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) September 17, 2015

The Vermont senator also had some lovely things to say about Donald Trump and his amiable demeanor.

Trump. What a pleasant and humble person. Can't stop saying kind and generous things about his fellow Republicans. #DebateWithBernie — Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) September 17, 2015

Bernie highlighted the GOP's habitual lack of support for the LGBTQ community.

Does anybody on the stage believe that our gay brothers and sisters have the same rights as the rest of us? Anybody? #DebateWithBernie — Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) September 17, 2015

He also kept it real on the subject of abortion and women's rights.

Does anyone on that stage believe the women of this country have the right to control their own bodies? Anyone? #DebateWithBernie — Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) September 17, 2015

And defended Planned Parenthood.

Rich get richer. Everyone else gets poorer. And all these guys can talk about is war and defunding Planned Parenthood. #DebateWithBernie — Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) September 17, 2015

Sanders also noted the important issues no one on stage seemed willing to bring up.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. Will we hear anything about racial justice, income inequality or making college affordable? #DebateWithBernie — Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) September 17, 2015

He exposed how out of touch the candidates are in regard to the public and the economy.

The American people overwhelmingly want to raise the minimum wage to a living wage. Too bad, the Republicans don't. #DebateWithBernie — Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) September 17, 2015

And highlighted the lack of attention afforded to the poor.

Have you heard anyone use the word "poverty" yet? 47.7 million Americans living in poverty. No discussion. #DebateWithBernie — Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) September 17, 2015

When Chris Christie spoke out in defense of President George W. Bush, the senator wouldn't have it.

Yes @ChrisChristie. George W. Bush — gave us Iraq war, Wall St crash — was one of our great presidents. You are right. #DebateWithBernie — Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) September 17, 2015

While no one on stage seemed willing to speak about the vital need for campaign finance reform, Sanders didn't hold back.

What about the disastrous Supreme Court decision on Citizens United allowing billionaires to fund @JebBush and the others. #DebateWithBernie — Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) September 17, 2015

The senator also hit the nail on the head in regard to Republican foreign policy.

Can these guys talk about anything other than their desire to go to war? #DebateWithBernie — Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) September 17, 2015

And said what all of us were thinking as the debate dragged on.

Does anyone know... when will this debate finally end? #DebateWithBernie — Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) September 17, 2015

Senator Sanders made it abundantly clear who all the Republican candidates actually wish was running for president in their place.

Okay. Let's vote for Reagan. Sounds better than any of these guys. #DebateWithBernie #GOPDebate — Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) September 17, 2015

He ended the night with a perfect summary of the debate on Facebook and liked his own post, like a boss.

The biggest Facebook post about last night's #GOPDebate came from @BernieSanders: — ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) September 17, 2015

Until next time, Bernie.

Thank you all. I've had it. I'm going home. Talk to you soon. #DebateWithBernie — Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) September 17, 2015

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