Here's How You Can Put Together The Perfect Bernie Sanders Halloween Costume


It's September, the leaves are beginning to fall and the summer's beach days are behind us. That means Halloween is just around the corner, and with it comes costumes of out favorite (and least favorite) political figures. That also, of course, means the return of the Bernie Sanders Halloween costume.

You might remember that Sanders costumes were most popular two years ago, when the senator was a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. Back then, he had a much higher profile in the stoplight than he did during Halloween season 2016, when he was playing a supporting role in the effort to elect his former opponent, Hillary Clinton. This year, the Vermont legislator is back at the forefront of the political agenda, with a recently unveiled health care proposal attracting support from notable names within the Democratic party.

Oh, and if you think an article about Halloween and Bernie Sanders is the wrong time to bring up the senator's politics, perhaps you need your memory refreshed: Sanders himself has no problem inserting politics during holidays. Last year, when the official Twitter handle of Koch Industries tweeted a picture of Charles Koch, Sanders pounced on the opportunity to engage in a political Twitter beef. (The Koch brothers are notable donors to the Republican party and you know how old man Bernie feels about corporate influence in Washington D.C.)


Anyway, regardless of how sweet of a photoshop job the tweet at Charles Koch had -- Sanders holding a light saber really is a good look -- this year's most notable Bernie Sanders costumes don't feature any weapons from iconic fictional series.

Feel free to rant about Wall Street at your local party, though. Luckily, for those who are interested in impersonating the 75-year-old senator, there are options ranging in different options prices.

The Cheap Option

For anyone seeking a cheaper (and, let's face it, lazy) option, there's no shortage of masks available on sites like Amazon and eBay. Though you might find the resemblance a bit disappointing.


Sanders Mask, $12, Amazon

Neither of these two masks will cost you above $12 on Amazon. It's unclear, however, what the price on your dignity will be if you show up to a party with such a half-hearted effort.

Senate Bernie

Luckily, it doesn't take much to come up with a more comprehensive impression of Sanders, who's known for simple attire. Pair one of those masks with a regular-shmegular black suit, a solid tie, and an Oxford shirt -- and you'll be looking like you'll be that much more convincing when you drunkenly shout "Medicare for all!" at the next Halloween party.

See what I mean? Most of the crucial items necessary are probably sitting in your closet right now. Try throwing in a American flag pin for your lapel for added effect, along with a bald cap that has white hair at the sides, even if it requires cutting some of the hair for a more realistic length.

Those items can easily be found on Amazon too.


Wig, $5, Amazon

With-The-People Bernie

Of course, there's another type of Bernie Sanders rendition you can do. The type that shows up to campaign and rally people behind good ol' populism.

That version of Bernie only requires a slimming down of Senate Bernie.

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Just lose the jacket, role up the sleeves, loosen the tie and top collar and voila, you're back in 2015 with a surprisingly plausible chance at winning the Democratic nomination.

If you're a real Bernie Bro, though, and want to get go back to a simpler time -- when it looked like the senator had a chance to be president -- you should add a campaign hat.


Bernie Campaign Hat, $11, Amazon

Ah, memories.

Oh, and definitely don't forget fake glasses. Neither of those items should cost you much above $10.

Fake Glasses, $8, Amazon

Good luck, and remember to keep fighting for the proletariat!