Barack Obama Could Not Stop Checking Out Michelle At Their Last State Dinner

Guys, this big, bad world filled with romance-obliterating apps has made us blind to what true love is.

Actually, it has been staring us in the face this entire time -- in the form of President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

They are the picture of happiness.

If their relationship behind closed doors is anything other than the perfection they portray to the public, we don't want to know about it.


They've ridden the marriage roller coaster for 24 years and look more in love now than ever.

So what's the secret to their happiness? Lust. It's lust, I tell you. Just consider Barack's blatant attraction to Michelle.

We've seen it before: The old dawg couldn't keep his eyes off her when she rocked a white dress at a state dinner.

Now she's done it again.

Michelle pulled out all the stops for her last state dinner with the Italian prime minister and his wife -- and her man was distracted, to say the least.

She slayed in a rose gold Versace gown.

Just check out the cheeky, schoolgirl grin Michelle is making while Obama checks her out.


She knows.


Dat presidential ass doe.


"L," is for the way you look at meeeee.


Mrs. Italian PM can try all she wants to upstage Michelle in that backless dress -- it ain't happening, sister. Not today, NOT EVER.


He's even leaning in to let everyone know she's taken -- K?!


"You have nice eyes, tehehehe."


A toast to you, Michelle, and that awesome rose gold dress you're rocking.


Keep slayin', gurl.



If you thought all state dinners were filled with politicians and other boring people, you'd be wrong.

This state dinner saw a number of awesome guests including singer Gwen Stefani and Chance the Rapper -- whom Obama is a big fan of.