This ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Made The Inspiring DNC Speeches Hilarious Instead

by Robert Anthony

If you took some time to watch the incredibly inspiring speeches made by various politicians at the Democratic National Convention this year, you know each speech was packed with a strong message for America.

From Bernie Sanders and Bill Clinton to President Obama and Michelle Obama, every single person that graced the stage at the DNC made a positive impact with Democrats across the country.

That's precisely why this epically hilarious edition of "Bad Lip Reading" is so damn funny. Last month, we introduced you to Ted Cruz's ridiculous "Bad Lip Reading" speech at the Republican National Convention.

If you thought THAT was hysterical, you need to watch the DNC version.

Bernie Sanders can't help himself when he begins randomly babbling on about Batman, the Joker and puberty.

Chelsea Clinton takes over the frame to "shout out" to her oddly-named crew. Hillary Clinton references to her "man servants" and confirms that she is, in fact, "tied" to Bill Clinton.

Michelle steals the show by shouting out her favorite "Game of Thrones" characters and ensuring the crowd that she has ZERO time for "playaz."

As for President Obama, well, here's a sneak peek at what he had to say.



Sure, the real DNC speeches were deeply inspiring, but let's just say this hilarious voiceover work makes up for the lack of batsh*t crazy humor during the DNC this year.

Check out the video above and prepare for an extreme case of the giggles.