Republican Reporter Slams Ivanka Trump's 'Baby' Husband For Whining About Press

by John Haltiwanger

Anna Navarro, a Republican strategist and commentator, is not afraid to let the world know how she feels about, well, just about anything.

This is especially true when it comes to President Donald Trump, who she frequently rips into on both CNN and Twitter.


It's no secret Trump doesn't have a good relationship with CNN, an outlet he frequently refers to as "fake news."

Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law and close adviser, recently complained to Time Warner Inc., which own's CNN, that CNN's coverage is biased against America's new president, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Kushner, Ivanka Trump's husband, is reportedly an old friend of Gary Ginsberg, who's an executive vice president of corporate marketing and communications at Time Warner Inc.

He apparently complained to Ginsberg about specific commentators, including Van Jones and Navarro.

Navarro, who never holds back, responded to this story on Twitter.

She said,

Really, Little Jared complaining about me cuz I get under President Daddy-in-Law's skin? Oh, baby boy, I'm so sorry. Little boy Kushner, tough guy who's supposed to achieve Middle East peace, is complaining about me to CNN. Boo-hoo!

So, yeah, Navarro just mocked a close adviser to the president for essentially whining that she was mean. And truthfully, she has a point.

Kushner, who is meant to advise the president on foreign policy matters, should be less concerned about what individual commentators are saying on CNN and more concerned about the difficult task of giving Trump advice on the complexities of working toward peace in the Middle East.

As Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who recently had a contentious phone call with Trump, told reporters in New Zealand in relation to Trump's repeated complaints about "fake news,"

A very great politician, Winston Churchill, once said that politicians complaining about the newspapers is like a sailor complaining about the sea. There's not much point. It's the media we live with, and we have to get our message across, and we thank you all in the media for your kind attention.

Translation: Trump needs to develop thicker skin.

The media is always going to be critical of leaders — this is what it exists to do.

Journalists are meant to hold the powerful accountable. This is not an alternative fact, it's just the way it is.

Presidents might find reporting unfair or biased, and they might be right in some cases. But part of being a leader means taking criticism in stride and focusing on doing the job.

Trump has clearly failed in this regard in massive ways, and you can hardly blame Navarro for being critical of his unpresidential behavior.

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