News — How Donald Trump Will Cause the Apocalypse
by Kelley Lord

The world will be over.

Now that Halloween has passed, the scariest event of the year is approaching: the presidential election.


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With the election a week away, everyone is sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to find out who will be the next — and potentially last —president of the United States.

Days before the election, voters are still being swayed away from Hillary Clinton with vague accusations being tossed around regarding her emails.


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On one end we have a presidential candidate who hasn't released all her emails, and, on the other, we have a candidate unwilling to release his tax statements. Both equally may have something to hide, but only one candidate can at least compose themselves enough to run our country.

I think I can speak for the (smarter) half of America when I say it is scariest to imagine Trump taking on foreign affairs. If he can't contain himself in a presidential debate, how will he act accordingly when meeting with world leaders?

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I've always liked the phrase "go out with a bang" until it applied the future of our country. Donald Trump likes to brag about how he'd resort to our atomic arsenal if necessary. The only problem is this isn't a reality show. When someone calls him on his bluff, we can say goodbye to the world as we know it.

You may say a zombie apocalypse seems a little extreme, but I don't think it's too far off. We are already phone zombies staring at our scenes all the time, absorbing everything on the internet as thoughts of our own. I mean really, you're watching a comedy web video about the Trumpocalypse for your source of political content.

Seriously, pick up a book or something.

GEN WHY is back to remind you to vote (for Hillary Clinton).

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