The 24 Words Trump Was First To Say In Any Inaugural Address Are Kind Of Scary

by Alexandra Svokos

Donald Trump was sworn in as president of the United States on Friday afternoon on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

After he was sworn in, he gave his inaugural address, which is a tradition among American presidents.

Inaugural addresses are typically filled with empowering rhetoric that raises the country up and works at healing any splits that may have come up during the presidential campaign.

That is not what Trump did with his speech.

Instead, Trump used violent rhetoric, with words like "blood" and "carnage."

He dismissed the work of Barack Obama, saying the country is essentially in complete disarray and filled with failing businesses and crime.

For the record, in the real world, Obama is leaving the office having created 11.3 million jobs and the murder rate, while up from a year ago, is overall down in historic American rates.

If you want to get a sense for what Trump's inauguration speech was like without actually having to read or listen to the whole thing, all you have to do is check out this list of words:


The list was created by The Washington Post. It shows all of the words Trump used in his speech that have never been used in any other president's inaugural address.

A lot of the words are violent, including "bleed," "carnage," "ripped," "stealing," "tombstones" and "trapped."

That's not exactly optimistic. I guess I'm just too used to Obama's inspiring oration.

Trump managed to get at least one of his most common refrains -- "sad" -- into the speech, which is the first time that word has been used in an inaugural address.

Trump's speech was very nationalistic. He used the phrase "America first," which is, historically, an anti-Semitic phrase. "America first" was what politicians used as a rallying call to not intervene in WWII and help stop the Holocaust.

You can see that nationalism and xenophobia in some of the other words only Trump used, including "Islamic," "subsidized" and "unstoppable."

Trump also used the word "lady" for the first time in an inaugural address, which speaks volumes to his connotations among women.

Keep listening, America. There is no Trump pivot. This is who he is.

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