Everyone's Angry Over This Police Tweet Wrongly Identifying A Dallas Suspect


As gestures of support and sorrow are being shown for Dallas police, there is also criticism being aimed at the manner in which the search for a suspect was carried out on social media.

Shortly before midnight on the east coast, Dallas PD posted this picture of a man they believed to be a suspect in the attack that claimed five officers' lives and injured seven cops, according to Dallas News.

The suspect pictured in the tweet, though armed, appeared to be an innocent bystander, which several people began to notice on social media.

Here is video showing the man on the ground as chaos erupted in downtown Dallas.

Shots fired at #blacklivesmattertx March @dallasnews — DMN Photo (@dallasnewsphoto) July 8, 2016

There is also video of the man surrendering his weapon to the police.

Video originally shared on Facebook shows man identified as a suspect by police surrendering his gun — Brandon Wall (@Walldo) July 8, 2016

Though he was seemingly cleared of any wrongdoing, the man claimed the fact he was identified as a suspect did bear consequences.

He gave an interview to a local police station expressing his concern over death threats and the possible backlash that could come with being portrayed as a potential killer.

Mark Hughes has been CLEARED and is NOT a suspect! @DallasPD Please DELETE the tweet naming him as one! — RollingOut (@RollingOut) July 8, 2016

With it appearing clear this particular man was innocent, commenters suggested Dallas PD issue a correction.

The tweet still, however, remained posted on the Dallas Police Department's timeline at the time of writing.