Police Search For Man In Ninja Costume Seen Masturbating Outside A Home

Police are yet to identify a masked man who has reportedly been masturbating outside a home in Seattle, Washington for several months.

According to Daily Mail, the suspect was first reported to be masturbating near the front door of the residence, which houses several University of Washington students, on the night of January 10. Surveillance footage caught him again on February 7.

Photos from this footage show the man wearing tight, dark, ninja-esque clothing, which appears white in night-vision footage.

A tied-up t-shirt seems to be covering the man's face, but his hands and genitals are exposed.

Police say the residents "heard suspicious sounds outside their house on several occasions."

Detective Patrick Michaud told Huffington Post,

It's a priority for us to at least get him ID'd so we can work on getting him in here for questioning or behind bars. We need the public's help in ID'ing this guy.

The suspect's reportedly visited the home at night as many as four times since November of last year.

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