Cops Release Graphic Pics Of Fatal Crash So You'll Stop Texting And Driving

Leicestershire Police

A neck broken in two places, a spinal hernia, damaged teeth, head injuries, torn muscles in her hips and stomach and more — all are the results of a car crash caused by a woman who couldn't ignore her phone.

Now the victim to whom those injuries belong, Liese Bowers-Straw, is speaking out in a cautionary video released by Leicestershire Police in the UK.

Bowers-Straw said,

The collision has completely changed my way of life. I've gone from having a career I loved, having a job that I loved and doing a lot of work to basically being a prisoner in my own home doing absolutely nothing.
Leicestershire Police

Bowers-Straw's injuries are the consequences of Christy George, a British nurse in her late 30s who received a five-year sentence in July for causing the November 2014 crash.

George's reckless driving, caused by her getting distracted by her phone, resulted in an eight-car pileup that claimed one life and injured others.

Leicestershire Police

But while George has received jail time, Bowers-Straw is the one who seems to have paid the biggest price. Detective Constable Pete Davies said,

Someone died in this collision and Liese has been left with the most appalling injuries as a result of someone who was too selfish to wait to make a call.
Leicestershire Police

The images are tough to see, but the message the police want to send is clear: Do not text and drive.

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