Police Stop Jogging Black Man And Ask Where He's 'Running From' (Video)

A black man filmed an encounter with a police officer who questioned him while he was jogging at night.

According to Daily Mail, Corey Dickerson was exercising around his Talladega, Alabama community earlier this month when officer Kenneth Price pulled up to him in his squad car.

Price asked Dickerson what he's doing outside at 12:30 am. He then claimed there were burglaries in the area, so he needed to see identification.

Dickerson told Price he was running.

Price replied,

You've been running? What have you been running from?

Dickerson refused to provide his full name and identification while repeatedly asking the officer why he's being detained.

Price simply told him,

I need to find out who you are and what you're doing.

Another officer arrived soon after to explain to Dickerson why he was stopped and treated with suspicion.

Dickerson and the second officer calmly conversed about police tension and crime in the area for several minutes before Dickerson was allowed to finish his workout.

He never provided identification and avoided a citation.

The Free Thought Project, which first posted the video, notes, in the state of Alabama, an officer must have reason to believe an individual "is committing, has committed or is about to commit a felony or other public offense" before detaining the individual and asking for his or her full name.

It does not appear Dickerson will be pursuing legal action against Price.

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