Police Found 35 Bricks of Cocaine In A Diamante Horse Head


And they would have got away with it too, if it wasn't for those meddling customs officers.

Drug mules tried to smuggle $10million worth of high-grade cocaine into New Zealand in plain sight using the most invisible vessel known to man -- a diamante-studded horse head.

Obviously, the giant head caught everyone's attention when it was sent to the country back in May. It's not something you see passing through customs every day, but go hard or go home I suppose.

Just look at it -- not exactly inconspicuous right!?

New Zealand Police

Nothing to see here, just a giant diamante horse head with boss level blending in skills.

New Zealand Police

A total of 35 bricks of Class A were found inside.

Two Mexicans and one American have been arrested and police believe it could be the country's biggest ever drug seizure.

Detective Senior Sergeant Colin Parmenter, who is leading the investigation, said,

This is obviously an extremely large amount of cocaine, and in the past we've only found very small amounts of this drug. Prior to this, the average amount of cocaine seized by police each year was around 250 grams.

Officers say they are searching for a fourth person in connection with the attempted smuggling. He was seen leaving a hotel in Auckland on Friday afternoon.

New Zealand Police