People Are Posting 'Election Day Sex' Ads On Craiglist

If America could agree on one thing, it'd be this election has been stressful AF.

I'm talking sweaty-hand, twitchy-eye, lack-of-sleep kind of stressful.

Whether you're voting for Hillary Clinton or siding with Donald Trump, you can't argue the fact that this year has been a doozy -- but it's almost over, guys! We almost made it through!

After the polls close tonight and voters around the country await the decision of who's going to become the next president of the United States, anxiety is going to be at an all-time high.

I plan on indulging a few glasses of wine to help calm my nerves, but a lot of people have other plans on the brain that are a little more stress-relieving.

You guessed it: I'm talking about sex.

There's been a wave of Craigslist ads from people posting about "Election Day Sex," for various reasons. But, the most common goal is to have sex that'll help calm their nerves.

While I'm totally content sipping on my wine, I totally understand these folks' desire to ease the tension of a stressful election by doing the dirty.

I need to admit: The ads people have posted are pretty hilarious. Maybe some of them will get lucky tonight. Its 2016, and anything's possible.

"Who else is stressed as fuck about the upcoming election?"


"I am so tense and nervous."


"Election Night Sex Party"


"We can fuck when Obama is president or when Hillary is the president-elect."


Looking for "Election Day Shenanigans"?


"Some company to help ease your stress..."


"Hipster Election Day Head"


"I voted early this morning, now kind of bored."



Well, there you have it, folks.

After all is said and done with the election, be aware strangers around the country are having sex with one another to help ease their stress.

At least they're starting the new presidential cycle off on a good note.