The One-Night Stand Pregnancy Video Was Fake, And People Aren't Happy

OK, well, no shockers on this one.

The Internet was recently set ablaze after a woman calling herself Natalie Amyot posted a video plea to YouTube saying she was trying to find a mystery blonde Australian man who allegedly got her pregnant after a one-night stand on vacation.

According to the video, which went viral after it was uploaded, Natalie got the guy's number, but after the tryst she lost her phone and subsequently his number when she flew back home to France.

The video she posted was a plea to the general public to help her track the man down.

The post went viral, and the Internet community almost immediately questioned the validity and authenticity of the video.

Natalie, whose Facebook has since been deleted, soon found her account flooded with angry Internet users wanting a more concrete explanation for the plea.

This was one comment left on her since-deleted Facebook page.

On Tuesday, an Australian social marketing firm named Sunny Coast Social Media took responsibility for the video in a second YouTube post called “I FOUND HIM.”

The video featured Amyot, whose real name is reportedly Alizee Michel, announcing, “I found him,” before Sunny Coast Social Media founder Andy Sellar came clean and explained how the video was just a campaign for Holiday Mooloolaba, a coastal resort in Queensland, Australia.

The Internet is decidedly NOT happy with this campaign.

Holiday Mooloolaba's Facebook page is also now full of commenters angry with this marketing stunt.


Lesson learned, viral marketers. Maybe don't ruin the reputation of an entire city the next time you try to boost an online presence.

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